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You can find gre­at thoughts on the topic of “Envi­ron­men­tal Art”. For examp­le the awa­reness of natu­re as the envi­ron­ment for humans worth being pro­tec­ted, dyna­mic pro­ces­ses, storms, devas­ta­ti­ons that chan­ge our envi­ron­ment and yet res­to­re a new balan­ce, usable for humans. Cli­ma­te chan­ge, which chal­len­ges our beha­viour to seek new ways.

The Ursprung group is still “gro­wing”. In the begin­ning of our acti­vi­ty aes­the­tic moments are in the focus. But also in this case, the “gre­at thoughts” are alrea­dy having an effect. The cho­sen place is found through our sen­sa­ti­ons. The desi­gner should cor­re­spond with the sti­mu­li found, not using any off-site tools – apart from the necessa­ry aids, like for examp­le strings. The idea is to make the sub­s­tance, the very essence, visi­ble, per­cep­ti­ble – not to design a deco­ra­ti­ve object! Fee­ling, thin­king and acting – the ele­men­ta­ry basic abi­li­ties of human bein­gs – should beco­me one. For me, Envi­ron­men­tal Art is a way of con­scious­ly designing and uncon­scious­ly edu­ca­ting oneself.