Pro­ject April/2021


A sec­tion of a forest that the wood­land far­mers plan­ted in the mea­dow area about 40 years ago.

The river Iller, not far away, had been strai­gh­te­ned and pla­ced in a con­cre­te bed at the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry. The annu­al floo­ds were absent, incre­a­singly per­sis­tent dry peri­ods cau­sed growth dis­tur­ban­ces, and pests and dise­a­ses were taking their toll on the trees.
The trees came under per­sis­tent stress, many trees sim­ply fell down and remai­ned for years.

We per­cei­ved this place as a sign of our presence.

The Pic­tures

It is the lines that the eye wants to fol­low. The slo­pes are at an ang­le of about 45 45°, which is the average ang­le at which day­light falls on the earth. They are arran­ged in this way so that they form a wedge with the tips and reach out towards the light. But you can also ima­gi­ne them fal­ling. They are atta­ched with a simp­le rope loop.

It was very cold at the time of con­struc­tion, we had to work quick­ly to keep our­sel­ves warm. The day­light was also dif­fu­se, not very sui­ta­ble for taking a good pho­to. Our pho­to­gra­pher had to wait 14 days until the amount of light was perfect.

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